Kiteboarding in Cape Town – Manie Lubbe

“Kiteboarding is something special. Compared to any other sport it stands out in a spectacular way, using the winds to guide you – and this can 100% be applied to life. I started kiteboarding a few years back and the bug latched itself onto my heart quicker than the wind reaches 30+ knots in Cape […]

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WezLew finds himself in the desert.

Going from one place to another, seeking one adventure after the other. Sharing memories with new faces and finding new places to be. Wesley Lewis, a 23-year-old blonde headed coffee addict with a degree in art direction. A South African soul with the desire for new journeys to venture and destinations to see. Here he […]

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Manie catches Matty Dunsmore out the water.

Manie catches Matty Dunsmore out the water.   Manie: Matty, you’re such a phenomenal surfer – where did it all start for you?  Matty: Everyone always asks me when I started surfing. I couldn’t tell you when I first got on a board or when I first started getting into the sport, but being in […]

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