Derevko Wetsuits


About Us

From the Production Line, to our Customers.

It all started in 2007. Sitting on the beach just outside of Cape Town, surfed out and freezing cold from the icy Atlantic Ocean burning my skin from all the holes in my wetsuit, I decided it was time to hit the shops and reward my self with some new rubber.

I set off and soon discovered that with the money I had saved up, I was going to be lucky to get a second hand wetsuit at best! 

It was then I decided that I would launch a brand that could provide ocean lovers with a high quality, warm and comfortable wetsuit at an affordable price. 

I had tried local manufacturers, but the felxibility and features we needed were just not there.

First ever Derevko wetsuits - 2008

To really get the quality we needed to compete with the big brands, I headed to Asia and started the search for a supplier that could bring our ideas to life.

We succeeded in finding a manufacturing partner and we quickly got to work on a range of affordable wetsuits to intriduce into the South African market. 

Fast forward to 2017, and Derevko has gone global with distribution into South Africa, Australia, France, Belgium and Chile. 

The Key to Our Success

Our goal has been the same since day one - provide a high quality wetsuit, supplied directly from manufacturer to customer, at the best price, with the best back up service. 

I personally want to thank each and every Derevko customer who has helped us to become the fastest growing wetsuit brand in South Africa, and we look forward to bringing you the very best wetsuits at the best price!

Donovan Marais

Founder and CEO