As surfers from the cold waters, we realised it was time to take a seat and put our creative thinking caps on. We wanted something fresh, something new and modern, yet with a feeling of retro-ism. Something that would make us even more pumped to get out there in the surf when it’s cold and nippy, yet be more than ‘okay’ with the idea of the ever-refreshing temperature of the Cape’s Atlantic.

“A new 4.3mm wetsuit!” That’s what we needed. But, not just any 4.3mm wetsuit. We realised we should spice life up a tad by bringing back some funk to the surf scene! And, what a better way than adding a touch of an 80s theme to our new Premium 4.3mm wetsuit range?

What we accomplished after much brain storming, is the locally designed piano-black, front chest zip 4.3mm wetsuit with added “groove” to it, with our minimal neon branding reflecting a bold, yet subtle, sophisticated statement.

Professional and locally designed. Introducing the Neoteric 4.3.

The Neoteric 4.3 is DRVKO’s new and modern black front-zip 4.3mm wetsuit, just as the name suggests. An all improved and even more durable upgrade from our previous Black Edition 4.3mm range.

Designed perfectly for cold-water sessions, it is constructed to keep you in the water for longer with top of the range materials, allowing you to perform at your very best. Featuring our new Fire Fiber Gen 2 fleece and sealed seam fusion system, the Neoteric 4.3 offers you a premium wetsuit at the most affordable price in the world.

Bringing back some funk from the 80s era with our minimal branding in neon colouring featured on a slick plain black Premium wetsuit.

G6 Flex

Our G6 Neoprene has evolved to offer all-round stretch allowing the wetsuit to shape and mould to your body’s natural contortion. Maximised air chamber within the neoprene cells. Make this our lightest wetsuit ever without influencing warmth.

Fire Fiber Gen 2

An all new brushed fleece provides superior insulation and quick dry technology to get you back in the water faster.

Surf for longer in the all new Fire Fiber Gen 2 fleece.

Neoteric 4.3 Features

G6 Flex Technology

Fire Fiber Gen 2 Fleece

Smooth Skin Neck Seal

Sealed Seam Fusion

Chest Zip Closure System

Blind Stitch Construction

YKK Metal Zips

Armoretex Kneepads

Key Pouch

Increased Flexibility

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