For the last 13 years, DRVKO has provided South African and Australian surfers with the absolute best-value-for-money wetsuits in the world!

Our products have stood the test of time and the brand is currently seeing phenomenal growth in SA and OZ!

A year ago, Jelaine joined our team and has worked her way up to SA Brand Manager. We sat down with her in between her daily surf sessions and 200 emails to find out a bit more about her 🙂

Tell us a bit about yourself

“I am an absolute frother for surfing! Born and raised on the Bluff in Durban, I started surfing at age 12 and have been totally hooked since. Currently residing in Table View, Cape Town, you can probably find me surfing Doodles quite often. I have also been working for Derevko Wetsuits for the past year and I’m proud to represent our local wetsuit brand! I get super stoked whenever I see a surfer in the water wearing a Derevko!”

Jelaine lives to surf and is super proud to represent Derevko Wetsuits. Photo credit to Rob Kenealy.

Walk us through a typical day in the DRVKO office

“I am extremely fortunate to live a 5 minute drive from the beach and have a really cool boss who lets me surf quite a bit! If the waves are on, I’ll head for about an hour and a half morning surf, return to the Derevko headquarters, pull out my laptop and respond to all the surfers out there keen on Derevko wetties. Donovan and I chat often about strategies to ensure Derevko pursues to keep surfers more than stoked. Once all emails and calls have been responded to, all wetsuit orders have been sent out to their eager customers, and the weather and waves are on, I’ll head down to the local beach to get some footage with the water camera to work on creating exciting Derevko content. It has actually been my most recent ‘project’, so I am very keen to get creative. Especially learning how to fly a drone! Otherwise, after a good and productive day full of happy campers, I’ll finally give in to the pooches at the house begging to go for “walkies” to the beach (Can’t say that word – “beach” – too loudly, or else they’ll get super excited and will want to go there all the time!), and we’ll end the day with a lovely stroll checking out the waves down at the local and sussing out the surf scene.”

DRVKO doggo’s, Holly and Charlie, at their happy place at Derdesteen. Photo credit to Rob Kenealy.

What is your favourite surf spot?

“Elands Bay or  Jeffreys Bay!”

What boards are you typically riding on a day to day?

“I change it up very often. I go through “moods”, like how the seas go through stormy days and calm days. I moved away from riding small, high performance boards throughout my grom years, to bigger boards to focus on developing my style more and charging bigger waves. Rode big boards for a while (i.e mainly mini-mals). However, recently I have been craving to go smaller again. Lately, I ride a 6ft Peter Lawson UFO that is 33 litres. I chose it on purpose (I weigh just under 60kgs), because I am keen to shortboard again, but on a board that is not too small. I am really enjoying it! Friends say I should go smaller, but I say: Ride what ever board makes YOU happy 😀 ”

Jelaine doing some marketing work down at her local. Photo credit to Rob Kenealy.

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