Muizenberg is renowned for its friendly waves and has been described as one of the most perfect learn-to-surf spots.
“Muizenberg” is Dutch for “mice mountain” and is is a beach-side town in the Western CapeSouth Africa. It is located where the shore of the Cape Peninsula bends to the east on the False Bay coast. “Muizies” is the home to a great surfing community with some of the best longboarding waves rolling in especially during wintertime with the predominant north-westerly offshores. When the stars align right, Muizies can offer long rides for up to 1,5km.
The surf in Muizenberg is gentle as the waves roll over a shallow sand bank. It is a beach break that works on a north-westerly wind. The more southerly and easterly the swell direction, the more the swell starts to bend into False Bay, offering larger surf. When the swell direction is very west, the Atlantic side receives most swell. The Atlantic can be heaving at 6ft, but Muizies can be 1ft depending on the degrees of the westerly swell direction coming in.
Muizenberg does sometimes offer a surfable wave when the south-easter is blowing, which is Summertime’s predominant wind in Cape Town. However, surf conditions are most likely to be tricky the stronger the easterly blows. The surf starts to break rather far out beyond the usual backline and reforms a few times before it reaches the beach. With this in mind, you know that the paddle can be quite a long and intensive one. At least you’re getting paddling fit!
“Surfer’s Corner” is the most surfed place of the bay. It is in the corner of Muizenberg beach, in front of all the local surf shops in perfect sight just below the Shark Spotter’s Hut. The crowd tends to get rather crowded at times, especially on weekends and when the surf is pumping. However, the further down the beach you surf, the lesser the crowd becomes, resulting in more waves for you.
If you are a keen longboarder, then Muizenberg is certainly the perfect surf spot for you offering lovely, pleasant waves for your 9ft-something to get your “toes to the nose” fix. However, if you’re after heavier waves on your 5’8, then check out local reef breaks just around the corner from Muizies, as well as the Atlantic’s side.
Muizenberg can, indeed, be surfed in larger swell. But, there are so many spots on offer along the Cape’s coastline. It’s just up to you and what you’re feeling for during that session.
Otherwise, get out there and stay stoked. And, if you check us in the lineup at Muizies, paddle over and come say “Hi” 😀
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