It takes a certain personality and mindset to be able to handle wipe-out after wipe-out, and to keep coming back to the Ocean for more. Yet, to be outnumbered by all the guys in the line-up, is already a tad intimidating as it is.

We have comprised a list of just a few reasons of why we feel Water Women, (be it surfers, body boarders, SUPers, kite surfers) are some of the coolest women around.

Baby Blue Women Wetsuit DRVKO WETSUITS

Woman of the Ocean. Photo by Alan van Gysen.

  1. She does not give up. Ocean sports are not the easiest of activities. Take surfing, for example. From getting smashed on the shore break, and dodging other surfers on rather hazardous surf equipment, and being thrown around by the waves of the Ocean. To be able to not give up after some pretty hard knocks, takes real determination. And, this is just the first reason why she is cool.

2.  She is driven. Wave-riding takes years and years of practice. Reading waves is an art on its own and that alone takes a lot of time and practice in the water to fully grasp the Motion of the Ocean. Any wave rider that has put in the time to get good at what they are doing, shows true dedication.

3. She is independent. Up at first light and first out the door. Solo surf missions and travels afar to distant lands. This girl is comfortable in her own skin and in her own company.

Girls who surf are driven to keep coming back for more.

4. She handles the pressure. Not every wave is soft. Not every wave-rider is polite. Not every line-up is friendly. To be able to handle the pressure that the world of wave-riding can present you, is strength in itself. And, that’s pretty cool.

5. She is not too phased with not looking her “best” all the time. Zinc still on her face. Awkward wetsuit tans. Seaweed in her brittle and dry hair. A few cuts and bruises. She’s just concerned with the waves she got from her session this morning. That is all that is on this Water Woman’s mind.

Let’s celebrate all Women Wave Riders. Photo credit to Salty Shot Cape Town

6. She is strong and athletic. Wave-riding takes a lot of physical power and mental strength. To be able to navigate yourself in the currents of the Ocean and to be able to take a few beatings from the powerful turbulence of the waves. To paddle out when it’s big, to fight rip tides, to find the right spot of balance on the board while each ride is different to the last one. Physical and mental strength are certainly needed when it comes to the sport of riding waves, and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Big ups to ya’ll chickita’s.

7. She is patient. Sometimes the Ocean is quiet and the sets take a long time to roll in. In these moments you learn patience because if you impatiently paddle about and get out of position in the line-up when the good waves come in, you might miss out on your opportunity for the wave of the day! Practice patience and reap the rewards. These gals can tell you all about it.

So, the next time you see a wonderful Water Woman in the surf – support, encourage and celebrate her. She has conquered some challenges to get to where she is and she did not give up.

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